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Re: [h-e-w] Emacs daemon and emacsclientw configuration

From: Rob Davenport
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Emacs daemon and emacsclientw configuration
Date: Wed, 3 May 2017 16:01:05 +0000

>> it was interesting to see the --daemon mode work.  Last I tried that years 
>> ago it didn't.  
>This is new with Emacs 25.1 and later.

Ah - I must have missed that in the NEWS for 25.1.   (Which is something else 
that should be promulgated more - reading the NEWS and release information - I 
suppose that counts as part of the 'official documentation'.)

> I'd prefer that people propose changes and additions to the official 
> documentation rather than putting stuff like that on the Wiki.  The advantage 
> of the 
> documentation is that it is maintained with Emacs, and thus is much less 
> likely to become outdated/incorrect.  An additional bonus is that this makes 
> the 
> documentation better.

I agree - I think I was thinking of putting pointers to the official docs in 
the wiki pages when I wrote that.  But either way, you're right - the 
documentation should be improved where needed and promoted as the place to find 

So perhaps the wiki's role in educating/helping newbies should be downplayed 
(in favor of the official documentation) and instead highlight the information 
the advanced user needs - sharing new code and examples of things?

>I think we don't invest enough effort in educating people to use the 
>"official" channels more.  They probably don't expect the official 
>documentation to be of
>such a high quality and don't master the Info mode enough to realize the 
>wealth of information they have at their fingertips, easily accessible.

Which is why I said "conditioned to look in the wiki" as their "go-to" source 
of info - they don't know what's in the docs and how to use Info mode.  So I 
agree there too.

> I doubt that a link would help.  

Maybe not, but I was seeing it as a way to at least promote the official docs - 
by constantly reminding wiki visitors that it exists (and is official).  Might 
have a little impact.

>We should urge people to use the documentation more, and submit bug reports 
>where they find missing information.  It is
>unreasonable to expect the Emacs developers to read all those "alternative" 
>forums -- Wiki, stack-whatever, Reddit, etc. -- all the time.  We don't have
>enough free resources for that. the community should bring the problems to use 
>in a more efficient way.

I agree 100%.  So thank you for being a voice in the right direction.   As much 
as users might want (and whine) for the Emacs devs to watch all the forums du 
jour, it is not practical and users should make an effort to come at least 
halfway and learn to use the docs and info and resources that *are* supported.

(But to summarize in terms of this thread's original topic - I did find it cool 
albeit not necessarily for newbies.  Just should've been marked in the wiki as 
'advanced' or something.  And yes, newbies should be urged to learn and use the 
official docs.)


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