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Re: remote X11/GNU emacs/ssh: Incredible slowness loading libs

From: David Abrahams
Subject: Re: remote X11/GNU emacs/ssh: Incredible slowness loading libs
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 11:25:15 -0400

"Richard V. Molen" <> wrote in message">
> Wow, a what a lot of responses!  FWIW I access an RH 7.3 Linux box from a

> I suspect that it has something to do with the new graphics 21.2, probably
> with the fonts, but that's just my guess.
> Hope this helps

Looks like someone sent me the real answer (enclosed).

> My workarounds?
> 1. Get/Use Tramp, misquoting a fellow newsgrouper, "Its *&^%$#@!
>    fantastic!"  It can be set up to securely access files on the
>    remote server with the same Emacs on the local client.  It doesn't
>    require Cygwin or X to run on M$.  No funky 'Oh I have to hit the
>    escape key, because "Alt" is not "Meta".  Cut-n-paste between local
>    & remote files.  Of course, there's a couple things it won't do --
>    it won't brown my toast or make me orange juice ;-).  A big thanks
>    to Kai G. for publishing this package!

I'll look for it. I'm a little worried it won't do what I want, though: I
need to do remote compilation and debugging. When there's an error, I want
C-x-` to take me to the correct place in the remote file. I need to be able
to CVS checkout, etc... though I guess I could edit those files on my local
machine if they'll get moved transparently.

> 2. Get/Use VNC or TightVNC.  Emacs 21.2 under the RH 7.3 Emacs 21.2
>    setup is much more responsive in VNC than in Cygwin X.  VNC is
>    great if all of your work is on the remote server, but it has the
>    "Alt" key problem, and I forget how cutting & pasting work between
>    local & remote sessions.  To get this to work you would need to
>    install a vncserver on the remote server and a vncviewer on the
>    local box.

Not an option for me.

> 3. Is your Cygwin installation up to date?  Mine isn't.  Perhaps an
>    update has some fonts or libraries required for remote Emacs 21.2.
>    I don't have time to look into it right now and I find I use Tramp
>    most of the time.


           David Abrahams * Boost Consulting *

begin 666 Re_ remote X11_GNU emacs_ssh_ Incredible slowness loading libs.eml
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