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Re: how do i get the list of pending input events?

From: D . Goel
Subject: Re: how do i get the list of pending input events?
Date: 03 Oct 2002 12:57:06 -0400
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"Stefan Monnier <>" <> 

> >>>>> "Evgeny" == Evgeny Roubinchtein <> writes:
> > Could you explain in more detail how you envision this feature?  You
> > seem to imply there is some queue which the C code does not expose to
> > the Lisp engine, and I am not sure that such queue exists.  Do you
> > have evidence to the contrary?
> The queue definitely exists (called something like keybuf in the C code)
> and is not exposed to Lisp.  But the question remains: what for ?

I guess I might have been trying the wrong approach for the problem I
am having.  Perhaps peopel could sugegst alternatives---

The problem is (and I know several people have mentioned the same
problem) ---> Want to make (sit-for) ignore certain inpuuts (and
continue doing its thing as if the input never happened).  An example
of this is:

idle-timer tasks in emacs keep working fine in emacs -nw when I switch
to another window, or move my mouse to another window, or switch to
another sawfish-viewport. --- becasuse emacs -nw does not care for

But, the idle-timer stops in "regular" 'emacs', as soon as you move to
another window----(even though switching to another window is when the
user wants emacs to think it is idle and do its "idle" stuff..) [1] 

The only workaround i envisioned is to implement my own "sit-for" that
would essentially "sleep-for" for small times, and then check whether
any "real" (vix. non-mouse) event has occurred, else will continue
another sleep-fo.. and so on, until its entire sit-for-duratino is

please write in with alternative suggestions? 

guess you could always flame me for trying ungodly things with what is
suppposed to be an editor... :)... OTOH, emacs is now an editing
environment even officially.. and of course, an OS unofficially :)

[1] <you knew the plug was coming> An example of this is the vel.el i
posted to g.e.s (or the mouse-based mvel.el i will post soon) --- say,
I want to leave my emacs scrolling up slowly, and want to work in the
adjacent applicatino while emacs is scrolling.  I can do that just
fine in emacs -nw.  But in emacs, the moment I press Alt-tab or
alt-left (sawfish), or try to move the mouse, the scrolling stops.


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