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Re: MULE shows gibberish; now what?

From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: MULE shows gibberish; now what?
Date: 03 Oct 2002 12:12:56 -0400
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>> >> >        font: -Cronyx-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--15-140-75-75-C-90-RAWIN-R
>> [...]
>> > ???  I do not use that font.  How many times should I repeat that tt
>> > is *Emacs* who choses this font?  My resources for fonts are
>> But there is no `cronyx' or `rawin-r' anywhere in the code of Emacs, so it
>> must get some "help" from somewhere in order to choose this font.
>> Normally for charset <foo> it looks for fonts with names of the form
>> *-...-*-*-<foo>, so there has to be something somewhere that tells Emacs to
>> use `rawin-r'.
> "Something else" does not help.  What can it be?  I posted the
> relevant parts of 'xrdb -query | grep -i font'.  What else?

I don't know what else.
I assume you're using `emacs -q --no-site-file' right ?
I've seen you mention --no-init-file (aka `-q') but not --no-site-file.
Could there be some global config in site-start.el or default.el ?
Or does this Emacs come from some RPM or some other such package where
the packagers might have changed the default ?

> Font or fontset: -misc-fixed-bold-*-*-*-*-140-75-75-*-*-*-1

As specified in the Xresources: looks sane.

> cyrillic-iso8859-5    -*-*-*-iso8859-5
>      [-Cronyx-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--15-140-75-75-C-90-RAWIN-R]

This is odd.  Maybe the other poster (can't remember who it was)
was right: your Xserver has a weird font setup with an alias
from <godknowswhat>-iso8859-5
to -Cronyx-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--15-140-75-75-C-90-RAWIN-R.

Can you try to look for RAWIN in the output of something like

    xlsfonts -ll -fn '*-iso8859-5'

-- Stefan

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