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Re: aix startup file problem

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: aix startup file problem
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 14:57:06 -0600
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Larry wrote:

I have a problem with my emacs ever since they went to aix 4.3.3 here.

If I say "emacs myfile.txt"

The editor will start up but it won't go into the file myfile.txt
unless I
open the file again from inside the emacs window after startup, and
anytime I try to open a new file from the running emacs I have to open
the file twice as the first time it doesn't work. In all of these
cases I get an error on the first try where it says "Wrong type
argument: stringp, nil". I think it is something wrong with my startup
.emacs file. On another system I got a more meaningfull error message
for this same thing and from that I commented
out a hilit-install-line-hooks function in the start up file which it refered to by name and from there it was fine, but the other machine
doesn't tell me what's wrong as I commented out the same thing there
but I still have the problem.

Try `emacs --debug-init myfile.txt`.

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