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A few windows emacs questions

From: Chris
Subject: A few windows emacs questions
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 23:58:58 -0000
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1) Does anyone have W3 working properly with gnu.emacs on windows? I tried 
about six months ago and could never get it working properly... have things 

2) If I install Cygwin, do I have to go through all the mount and 
configuration in my .emacs (which invariably screws up my AucTeX and other 
programs) or can I just call the Bash shell when I want to do something in 
the shell? I tried using some code to dynamically switch between cygwin 
bash and the dos shell as my default shells, but it did not work well. Last 
time I tried to move to Cygwin completely I had all kinds of problems 
trying to make some other tools, like Component RCS, work properly.

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