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Re: tramp

From: ftrw
Subject: Re: tramp
Date: 02 Oct 2002 18:13:01 -0800
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Michael Albinus <> writes:

> writes:
> >  If I complete the file name by typing it, as 
> >  '/', I get a message that says:
> > 
> >      'File not found and directory write-protected'
> > 
> >  It is trying to create a file in my root directory.  So tramp finds
> >  my ~/.ssh/known_hosts file ok but then the connection is not
> >  happening.
> Could you, pls, perform `M-x tramp-bug', and follow the instructions
> there? Additionally, you shall provide the contents of the buffers
> `*tramp/ssh*' and `*debug tramp/ssh
>*' (given you're using ssh as default method).

I think it was a version issue in debian.  I updated some packages
(which is done automatically through a mirror) and seem to have
received something out of date.

I traced it down to:

file-name-handler-alist's value is 
 . jka-compr-handler)
 ("^/[^/]*$" . tramp-completion-file-name-handler)
 ("\\`/[^/:]+:" . tramp-file-name-handler)
 ("\\`/:" . file-name-non-special))

The regexp for the tramp-file-name-handler variable was slightly
different.  Somehow in my /etc/emacs/site-start.d directory, the
50tramp.el was an older one, as another one in the same directory
called 50tramp_debpkg.el (or something like that--obviously something
from the debian packageing) was identical to the one that I get now
when I reinstall tramp.  I found this out by comparing the
/etc/emacs/site-start.d directory on a different machine that I loaded
tramp to today.  So things work now after purging and reinstalling
tramp.  There is no more 50tramp_debpkg.el file to be seen.

So I think I may have caught a debian mirror with an old update.

Thanks for the good work.


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