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RE: alternatives to dired

From: ken
Subject: RE: alternatives to dired
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 10:03:38 -0400 (EDT)

When in emacs I do "C-h f dired", emacs says:

dired is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function in `dired'.

"Edit" directory DIRNAME--delete, rename, print, etc. some files in it.
Optional second argument SWITCHES specifies the `ls' options used.
(Interactively, use a prefix argument to be able to specify SWITCHES.)

Sounds like it might be helpful.


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Spake Victor Kirk at 10:08 (UTC+0100) on Fri, 4 Oct 2002:

= > Is there a similar package to dired that allows one to not display
= > permissions, owner and group in the directory listing?  Or is this
= > possible in dired?  It seems like the dired switches must have 'l' to
= > display the full long format.
= To surpress the group you can add a 'G' to the end of 
= dired-listing-switches.
= I would be nice if we could specify the program to use other than ls,
= then you could filter the output from ls.
= Vic
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