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Re: aucTeX and Cygwin

From: j.t.
Subject: Re: aucTeX and Cygwin
Date: 4 Oct 2002 11:22:37 -0700

Chris <> wrote in message 
> Is there a way to tell AucTeX to not use the Cygwin bash shell environment 
> when it launches LaTeX, etc? 
> After installing Cygwin, the compile command don't work because of path and 
> quoting issues... and I can't launch PDF files with start file.pdf 
> either...

Some has posted a trick:

(setq TeX-shell "C:/mypath_to_emacs_dir/bin/cmdproxy.exe") 

which will tell TeX to use cmdproxy.exe even your "shell" is cygwin
bash. This even works in the cygwin-X11 version of Emacs 21.2.

I do have a questions for people who have tried cygwin-X11 version of
Emacs out there:

Has anyone succeeded in running LaTex-preview with it? I can't even go
pass ./configure because the script considers "cygwin" OS type not
supporting images. When I just set the preview elisp files in loadpath
and load the preview package, it will complain:
"error in process sentinel: LaTeX found no preview images"

Any clue?


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