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RE: How add one to column # on modeline (%c) so starts from _1_?

From: Victor Kirk
Subject: RE: How add one to column # on modeline (%c) so starts from _1_?
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 10:39:57 +0100

> '(:eval "%c + 1")

> The above will print "0 + 1" on the modeline when in the first column.

This is because it thre result is a string which contains those characters.
What you need to do is 

 o convert %c to an int  - (string-to-int "%c")
 o add one to this value - (+ (string-to-int "%c") 1)
 o Return the result as a string (format "%s" (+ (string-to-int "%c") 1))

> How can I tell Emacs to evaluate the *addition* in quotes rather
> than just interpret it as a /string/????

Thus try 

(:eval (format "%s" (+ (string-to-int "%c") 1)))

And don't forget to use column-number-mode!


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