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Re: disturbing link

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: disturbing link
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 11:30:42 -0600
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Trilobit wrote:

disturbing is for example that my filemanager crashes if the directory with the this special link in it. It's not the stablest one, indeed. ;-( I know this is no problem with emacs, but i like this filemanager(I've searched long to find it), it's a bit more comfortable than the pure shell. :-)

Then clearly you should be posting to with a subject
of "unstable and disturbed file manager".

And if I'm using the shell it's disturbing because I often have many files open and not saved in the same dir,
it tooks a while to catch the right one with all those weird names ...

ls -l | grep -v ^l

The link is useful, no doubt, but I don't shrae/edit any files on nfs,so id like do tweak this feature a bit.
Is there a posibiltiy to do that anyhow, or not?

Revert to Emacs 19.

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