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letting *Man xxx* buffers appear when burying other buffers

From: Daniel Barclay
Subject: letting *Man xxx* buffers appear when burying other buffers
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 19:46:47 -0400

In GNU Emacs 20.7.2, the bury-buffer command treats manual-page 
buffers (e.g., *Man xxx*) inconsistently. 

Specifically, if you create a manual-page buffer, switch to some 
other buffer in that window, and then do: 

  M-x bury-buffer RET

you don't get back to the first buffer.  (In other cases, you
would get back to where you were first.)

How can I eliminate the special-case behavior?  (Is there any
configuration variable to set?  How can I find the elisp code 
for a command?)

(Is there any chance that anyone else would agree that this
"feature" is a bug?  (Or its being turned on by default.  Or
its being undocumented (in info and in describe-function).

I can imagine that someone got tired of seeing related manual
page buffers after deleting (or burying) source code buffers
and added a special-case fix.

However, behaving specially makes several things inconsistent.

Usually, you can create or raise a number of buffers in 
sequence, and then use bury-buffer to return to each previous 
buffer.  That was a very useful feature.  There shouldn't be 
any reason you can't use that feature with manual page buffers.

Behaving specially for manual pages is also inconsistent with
delete-buffer:  It used to be that both delete-buffer and 
bury-buffer left the previous buffer displayed.  Now they

If this feature is left in, could it at least by controlled
by some configuration variable (a list of buffer types?)?
(If it isn't already.)

Daniel Barclay

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