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Re: How force evaluation of this string's math *before* print?....

From: Michael Slass
Subject: Re: How force evaluation of this string's math *before* print?....
Date: 09 Oct 2002 18:57:38 -0700
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.2 writes:

>Indeed it works.  Thanks.  I noticed that column number
>is updated for all cursor movements.
>Is there any way to move the (force-mode-line-update) 
>up the "things to do list" for every keystroke???
>The reason I'm asking is that the *line number* is updated
>immediately after it changes, but, column number is noticeably
>slower to update...... there is a noticeable fraction of
>a second between cursor movement and column number updating.

,----[ C-h f add-hook RET ]
| add-hook is a compiled Lisp function in `subr'.
| (add-hook HOOK FUNCTION &optional APPEND LOCAL)
| Add to the value of HOOK the function FUNCTION.
| FUNCTION is not added if already present.
| FUNCTION is added (if necessary) at the beginning of the hook list
| unless the optional argument APPEND is non-nil, in which case
| FUNCTION is added at the end.
| <snip>

What I sent will add the force-mode-line-update to the beginning of
the post-command-hook.  Since the line number update is happening as
part of some less-transparent method (the same method which updates
the zero-indexed column number that you don't like from
column-number-mode), I don't know how to hook in before it.

Mike Slass

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