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Re: associated Keybinding

From: Artist
Subject: Re: associated Keybinding
Date: 11 Oct 2002 23:43:10 -0700

Jesper Harder <> wrote in message 
> (Artist) writes:
> > Idea is to find in general.
> >
> > Example: M-x find-keybindings RET he RET 
> >
> > Should return all the keybinding for the command starting with 'he'
> `M-x apropos-command RET ^he RET'
> Will show you all commands starting with "he" and their key-binding (if
> any).
> You might also find `C-h m' useful.

Hi Jesper, 
  That certainly helps.
apropos-command shows all the command even for which no key binding is
I would just like to see for which keybinding is defined.

Also if I can recognize via emacs, what I have defined in .emacs, that
would be simple to understand my customization.


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