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Re: Can't bind "\C-=" and "\C-+" keys

From: d2002xx
Subject: Re: Can't bind "\C-=" and "\C-+" keys
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 20:45:22 +0800
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The nice guy "Stefan Monnier <>"
<> wrote:

>>>>>> "d2002xx" == d2002xx  <> writes:
>> When I bind the two keys by (global-set-key "\C-=" 'undo) and
>> (global-set-key "\C-+" 'redo), Emacs says "Invalid modifiers in
>> string".
> C-= and C-+ are not characters, so you can't put them into a string.
> Thus you need to use something like
>         (global-set-key [(control ?+)] 'redo)

It works!! Thank you!!!

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