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Re: Input of XML documents (input of unicode)

From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: Input of XML documents (input of unicode)
Date: 12 Oct 2002 15:10:35 -0400
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>> Unfortunately they do.  I see the Greek theta, because it was
>> in the file before I opened it, but when I do what you suggest
>> and type C-q 1 7 2 1: 'Invalid Character'.
> 1721 is not the code of the Greek theta in the Emacs encoding, that's
> why it fails.  Try this instead:

Maybe this behavior of C-q is actually not desirable.
After all, who remembers Emacs' internal code for particular chars ?
Also in a latin-1 locale C-q 240 RET inserts a latin-1 0240
which is 04240 in Emacs' internal encoding, so I'd expect in
a utf-8 environment that C-q <octal-code-of-a-unicode-char> RET
would insert the desired unicode char.

Of course, I know where C-q's current behavior comes from and that
C-q doesn't really do the 0240 -> 04240 conversion itself (and that
it is not done according to the keyboard-coding-system), but maybe
it would make sense to change that.

Also, it would be neat to be able to say C-q x89 RET when you prefer
hex input (of course you can also set read-quoted-char-radix).


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