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Re: keeping changed face

From: mike hardy
Subject: Re: keeping changed face
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 01:16:40 GMT
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Nostradamus foretold that on Sat Oct 12 2002, Jesper Harder would write:

> mike hardy <> writes:
> > When using the "Text Properties" pop-up I can alter the look of a
> > pre-selected region of text using "Face..." - how do I save the text
> > file with the changes I made so that the next time I load it the face
> > changes are still there?
> In general, you can't save the changes.  
> Emacs does have one mode where the faces *are* saved: enriched mode.  Do
> `M-x enriched-mode' to turn it on.  Of course, the file will no longer
> be saved as plain text, so you might not want this if the file has to be
> used for other purposes.

Great (works just like I wanted)!  Most of the text files I want to alter
are only loaded into Emacs anyway so this is perfect.  Thx...



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