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Re: using arrow keys in emacs

From: alan yeung
Subject: Re: using arrow keys in emacs
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 02:44:21 -0400

when i use the public computers at school, i can use the arrow keys in emacs
but they don't work when i use my own laptop, on which i use teraterm...

the arrow keys DO work on the windows telnet program, but for some reason
emacs doesn't refresh the screen properly (such that the top line fills up
the entire screen when i scroll up), and that's why i am using teraterm.

i don't know if the above info helps, but thanks.

"Fredrik Staxeng" <> wrote in message
> "Stefan Monnier <>"
<> writes:
> >>>>>> "alan" == alan yeung <> writes:
> >> i'm new to emacs and not used to its cursor movement commands. is there
> >> way to configure emacs so i can use the more intuitive arrow keys?
thanks a
> >> lot.
> >
> >Normally it just works, so you'll have top give us more information
> >about your setup to see why it doesn't work.
> It works for me. I am using xterm on one Debian box, and ssh to another
> Debian box where I run Emacs. I use a custom terminfo entry, that
> does not use that particular stupidity known as application mode.
> The default terminfo entry appears to use application mode, so that
> could be the problem.
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