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Re: terminal-mode cygwin/emacs problem

From: Tom Roche
Subject: Re: terminal-mode cygwin/emacs problem
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 21:28:13 -0400
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>>> emacs: Terminal type cygwin is not defined.
>>> If that is not the actual type of terminal you have,
>>> use the Bourne shell command `TERM=... export TERM' (C-shell:
>>> `setenv TERM ...') to specify the correct type. It may be necessary
>>> to do `unset TERMINFO' (C-shell: `unsetenv TERMINFO') as well.

Tom Roche wrote:
>> I get the same message for 'emacs -nw'? What do I need to tell
>> emacs? or cygwin? or both?

Joe Buehler replied:
> Make sure terminfo is installed -- there should be a file
> /usr/lib/terminfo/c/cygwin.

Well, I tried reinstalling terminfo, and now

> $ find / -name '*terminfo*'
> /etc/setup/terminfo.lst.gz
> /lib/terminfo
> /usr/doc/Cygwin/terminfo-5.2.README
> /usr/doc/terminfo-5.2
> /usr/share/terminfo

and emacs runs! However the display not quite right: when emacs
starts up, the display is usually shifted either down a line or
to the right a column from where it should be, with extraneous
characters showing in either the minibuffer, or the top of the
display (first line under windows titlebar) or both.

Joe Buehler replied:
> note that there is a separate package for X11 emacs. If you
> don't install it, all you get from the "emacs" package is the
> usual terminal-mode emacs.

So I tried installing emacs-X11: it also works, but it shares the
same display-shifting defect as emacs-nox.

How can I fix this? Alternately, is there a better way to report
the problem (e.g. a bugzilla)?

But for anyone else who gets the "Terminal type" error: try

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