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Re: variables for yesterday and today

From: foomaster1200
Subject: Re: variables for yesterday and today
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 06:52:43 GMT
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ken <> writes:

> I'm not a great elisp coder, but figured it would be trivial to create a
> couple variables similar to current-time, but containing the values for
> yesterday and tomorrow, bzw. 'current-time - 86400 seconds' and
> 'current-time + 86400 seconds'.
> But it's not trivial at all, at least not how I've seen it.  So before
> reinventing the wheel, has anyone coded these before?

I'm still pretty fresh to LISP in general, but this would be my first

| (defun yesterday-time ()
|   (let ((1day-lsw (% 86400 (<< 1 16)))
|       (1day-msw (/ 86400 (<< 1 16)))
|       (now (current-time)))
|     (list
|       (+ (car now) 1day-msw) 
|       (+ (car (cdr now)) 1day-lsw) 
|       (car (cdr (cdr now))))))

The main thing to remember is integers in Emacs are 28 bits I guess.

You mean you don't want to watch WRESTLING from ATLANTA?

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