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Re: Defining custom colors

From: Michael Hudson
Subject: Re: Defining custom colors
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 14:17:22 GMT
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Colin Marquardt <> writes:

> Michael Hudson <> writes:
> > Specifically, I want to set the background to a color that's not in
> > the output of list-colors-display.
> With something like "#1122FF" you can specify the RGB values in hex.

So I can!  So long as I use M-: (set-backgound-color "..."); M-x
set-background-color doesn't let me.

Although it seems to be #BBGGRR, which isn't what I expected (an
endian-ness bug?!)


  Hmmm... its Sunday afternoon: I could do my work, or I could do a
  Fourier analysis of my computer's fan noise.
       -- Amit Muthu, (from Owen Dunn's summary of the year)

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