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remapping mouse clicks in osx emacs

From: Hugo Wolf
Subject: remapping mouse clicks in osx emacs
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 11:19:30 GMT
User-agent: slrn/ (Darwin)

I recently started using the osx port of gnu emacs

It's quite a nice port but one configuration issue is making it a
little tricky to use.  When I run emacs an an X11 client, the mouse
click bindings for my Logitech 2-button+wheel mouse are quite natural:
left click is emacs button1, wheel-click is emacs button2, right-click
is emacs button3 (wheel scrolling is emacs button4 and button5).  I
call this "natural" because logical button2 has always been
mouse-middle in emacs and the wheel is physically in the middle
position on the Logitech.

When I run the emacs port, button2 and button3 are reversed:
wheel-click is emacs button3 and right-click is emacs button2.  I
_could_ learn to get used to this I'm sure -- if I weren't still using
X11 emacs from remote hosts on a regular basis.  So I need a way to
get the more standard button binding to work in osx port.

For now I'm using the "USB Overdrive" shareware kext.  But I really
don't want that installed if I can avoid it. In general I don't want
any third-party kexts unless they're absolutely essential.  More
particularly in this case, I specifically do _not_ want any
non-standard mouse behavior in the rest of osx/aqua.

Is there another solution?  For example is there any global way to do
this within emacs itself?  Of maybe it's a build-time option?  I
didn't build this emacs myself, I grabbed it from a co-worker who
posted it on a local bboard.

Thanks --

d f-d

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