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Re: Getting cperl-mode to use speedbar for Classes

From: Mac
Subject: Re: Getting cperl-mode to use speedbar for Classes
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 13:56:46 GMT
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En dag, närmare bestämt 2002-10-15, plitade Eric Ludlam ner:

>>>> Mac <> seems to think that:
>>I want cperl-mode to use speedbar instead of imenu. Especially when
>>using 'cperl-tags-hier-init' that shows a hierarchical menu of
>>classes and methods.
> Speedbar uses Imenu by default to display its tag information.  If
> you need something better, you can write a specialized tag
> generator.  

I had the impression that Cperl already have such a specialized tag

,----[ C-h f cperl-tags-hier-init RET ]
| cperl-tags-hier-init is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `cperl-mode'.
| (cperl-tags-hier-init &optional UPDATE)
| Show hierarchical menu of classes and methods.
| Finds info about classes by a scan of loaded TAGS files.
| Supposes that the TAGS files contain fully qualified function names.
| One may build such TAGS files from CPerl mode menu.

It is the result of this scan, (a modified TAG table?) that I want to
view in speedbar.

> If you download the latest version of speedbar, look at the HTML and
> Texi tag generator examples.

I will.


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