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Re: capturing commands

From: merik
Subject: Re: capturing commands
Date: 17 Oct 2002 00:15:16 GMT
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Have a Pan Galactic Gargleblaster and read Michael Slass's shiznit

> Barry Margolin <> writes:
<snip, some stuff that i'm thankful for>

> Why, exactly, do you want this?

I'm working on a little menuing system and wanted to decide on how often 
i use particular commands. I think it would be somehow wrong if I just 
tried to think of them so I decided it would be best if there is someway 
to just record them.

I'm a n00b here so I wanted to know how I can could actually implement 
this becuase i've seen the view-lossage and was hoping to use the 
open-dribble-file but I don't know how.


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