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comparing file with revisions

From: Roberto Bernetti
Subject: comparing file with revisions
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 21:28:55 +0200

I'm using emacs with CVS. Some files imported into the repository come from 
window system so they have the CR-LF character. I use undecided-dos coding 
system for that files and untill the previous version of emacs during the 
comparing-file-with-revision the behaviours of ediff was pretty it semmed to 
not considering the end line character.
Now I'm moved to version 21.1.1 into SuSE 8.0 distribution and when running 
comparing-file-with-revision seems that every end of line is considered as a 
difference between the current file in buffer (coded as undecided-dos) and 
the revision.
Can anyone help to fix this.
Please answer to my e-mail too.
Roberto Bernetti                             e-mail:         
V. S.da Vecchia del Pinocchio 1/A          
60131 ANCONA 
tel/fax 071 2867103

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