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Re: wordcompletion...

From: Bernd Wolter
Subject: Re: wordcompletion...
Date: 21 Oct 2002 09:26:24 +0200
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Simon <> writes:

> Hi guys,
> i am new at the gnu emacs... here´s my newbie question:
> How is the command to complete words in the normal text-mode or C++
> mode?
> I know this function from the nedit, where i start a word like "comp",
> then push Ctrl-SPACE and the word would be completed to "complete".
> Is there existing a equivalent command for the emacs?
> Bye and thanks (and please ignore my german english)
> Simon
> PS: I don´t mean the TAB completion in the mini buffer...

You should look for "abbrevs" in the info files: 

C-h i RET m emacs RET i abbrevs RET

will get you there.



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