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Re: emacs problem with RCS

From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: emacs problem with RCS
Date: 21 Oct 2002 09:41:25 -0400
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.3.50

>>>>> "Ed" == Ed  <> writes:
> co -l test2.cs 

> This gets me a checked out and locked version of the file, with rw
> permissions (according to dired).

> But when I try to edit this file with emacs, it is opened as read
> only, even when it seems to be read/write according to dired.

It's not a bug it's a feature.  Please complain loudly because I think
this feature should be turned into a bug.

What's happenning (most likely) is that VC thinks the user who locked
the file is not the same as the user who runs the Emacs program (even
though in both cases it's you).


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