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Configuring TABS.EL

From: Charles Muller
Subject: Configuring TABS.EL
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 15:24:57 +0900 (JST)

Jesper Harder wrote:

> Look for 'tabs.el' (by Zack Rusin).  It was posted to gnu.emacs.sources
> earlier this year.

I was delighted to read this, because I have long thought about having such
an enhancement, but didn't realize it was available. 

But I would like to ask if anyone using Emacs 21.2 (I'm on Red Hat 7.3) has 
succeeded in getting
this working, because I can't seem to do it. I recently got the "recent
files" function (recentf.el) working without any problems by copying
recentf.el to my Emacs list directory and adding the following to my .emacs:

(require 'recentf)
(recentf-mode 1)

But when I try the same thing with "tabs.el" I get a "file not found"
error. It is definitely there, though. I also tried

(load "tabs")

and that didn't do the trick either.

When I try

M-x load-library RET tabs

No error message appears, but no tabs either. Has anyone had success with


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