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Re: Font woes on OS X

From: Michael Hudson
Subject: Re: Font woes on OS X
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 12:23:32 GMT
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Michael Hudson <> writes:

> If I use customize-face to set the default face to
> -apple-vt100-medium-r-normal--12-116-75-75-m-0-mac-roman
> everything looks nice.  Unfortunately, when I restart emacs something
> comes along *after* my .emacs is processed and changes the font-height
> to 135, which looks atrocious.

This has gone away following a reboot.  Wierd.  I thought I'd gotten
away from the reboot being the cure for all ills...


  Indeed, when I design my killer language, the identifiers "foo" and
  "bar" will be reserved words, never used, and not even mentioned in
  the reference manual. Any program using one will simply dump core
  without comment. Multitudes will rejoice. -- Tim Peters, 29 Apr 1998

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