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Re: Dired buffers and finding files...

From: Tim Haynes
Subject: Re: Dired buffers and finding files...
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 18:58:39 +0100
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Bernd Wolter <> writes:

> Martin Schmitz <> writes:
>> Tim Haynes <> writes:
>> > If I have a buffer visiting a file in a given directory - e.g.
>> > /tmp/foo.txt or something - and then decide I want to bring up a dired
>> > buffer of that directory, pressing `C-x C-f /tmp/ RET' flips me to the
>> > existing foo.txt                    ^^^^^^^
>> Try 'C-x d RET'
> Or from within the buffer in question C-x C-j.

OK thanks for those two; I'll have a play imminently :8)

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