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RMAIL: mime integration planned?

From: Frederik Fouvry
Subject: RMAIL: mime integration planned?
Date: 24 Oct 2002 11:38:55 +0200
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Are there plans to add MIME-capabilities to RMAIL?  (e.g. using the
Gnus MIME libraries) Currently there are some hooks, but one needs to
shove in unspecified tools to get the functionality.  Would it be
possible at all to use the Gnus MIME libraries to do that?

I have a working environment with rmime and mime-compose, but it
relies on external software (which I lost currently due to an upgrade
- this paragraph should more correctly start with: "I had a working
environment ..."  Hence the question).


Frederik Fouvry     Universität des Saarlandes, Computerlinguistik
Gebäude 17/3.02 - Postfach 15 11 50 - D-66041 Saarbrücken, Germany
telephone: +49(0)681 302 4176        facsimile: +49(0)681 302 4700 

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