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Re: Autosave and filename too long

From: Michael Slass
Subject: Re: Autosave and filename too long
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 17:03:41 GMT
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>> "Matt Muggeridge" <> writes:
>> I would like to try changing the "#" character to learn if it makes
>> a difference.
>> Thanks,
>> Matt.
>>"Michael Slass" <> wrote in message
>> (defadvice make-auto-save-file-name (after auto-save-remove-hash-mark ())
>>   "return an autosave file name, replacing \"#\" with \"OCTOTHORPE\""
>>   (setq ad-return-value
>>         (replace-regexp-in-string "#" "OCTOTHORPE" ad-return-value)))
>> (ad-activate 'make-auto-save-file-name)
>> (defun auto-save-file-name-p (filename)
>>   "Return non-nil if FILENAME can be yielded by `make-auto-save-file-name'.
>> FILENAME should lack slashes.  You can redefine this for customization."
>>   (string-match "^OCTOTHORPE.*OCTOTHORPE$" filename))

"Matt Muggeridge" <> writes:

>Thanks for making the octothorpe go away!  The auto-save feature is now
>On to the next hurdle...
>The recover feature of emacs is still searching for files of name #foo.c#.
>So after  a quick test, I tried to recover foo.c (I first verifed the
>contents of "OCTOTHORPEfoo.cOCTOTHORPE" existed and contained 'lost' edits).
>The recover operation complained with:
>    Auto-save file /usr/users/muggerid/kingsx/#foo.c# not current
>Now that auto-save is working, what is needed to make recover aware of this
>new auto-save file name format?

Hmmm... I'm not sure why that is, since recover-file uses
make-auto-save-file-name to generate the recovery file name, so it
should match.  I'll keep looking at it, but perhaps one of the gurus
might have an idea?

Mike Slass

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