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Re: How to swap M-TAB and M-`

From: Michael Slass
Subject: Re: How to swap M-TAB and M-`
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 03:35:39 GMT
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Jiri Pejchal <> writes:

>I'm using Emacs on Linux and remotely from Windows. I'd like to be
>able to use *-complete-symbol functions in different modes. These
>functions are bound to M-tab, but pressing Alt-TAB switches among
>I can use ESC TAB but this is not very convenient (too much moving with 
>hand:-). I'm
>thinking of swapping M-tab and M-` (runs tmm-menubar, which I don't use).
>Any ideas or tips how to do it?
>Jiri Pejchal

For Windows, if you're using X, your X server (Reflection, Exceed,
etc.) will probably have an option to reserve either or both of the
alt keys for Windows.  If you make one of the alt keys not reserved
for windows, it will get sent as meta, including M-<TAB>.

Can't tell you about Linux.

Mike Slass

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