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Re: VC with CVS over SSH

From: Richard V. Molen
Subject: Re: VC with CVS over SSH
Date: 25 Oct 2002 06:57:48 -0700
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Phillip Lord <> writes:
> Okay, I guess you are right. I normally don't use ssh-agent, because
> I found the documentation a little scary, but it probably is time to
> learn it properly!
> Thanks.
> Phil

I did too.  It helped me to remember that the client generates the keys
and puts the public key(s) on the (sshd) server.  Also that ssh2 DSA is
sufficient if you have it; I think the rest is for historical support.

But I'm getting off topic.  Here's some helpful URLs.                    good ssh tutorial  OpenSSL FAQ   O'Reilly book       vnc ssh

If you're interested, I can email you a crude bash script you can run
on the client that will setup the first user on both client & server.

Richard V. Molen

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