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Re: C-c is mapped to C-g?

From: Artist
Subject: Re: C-c is mapped to C-g?
Date: 25 Oct 2002 10:48:52 -0700

"Bartev Vartanian" wrote in message > I am running emacs on cygwin  on a 
Windows XP machine. I'm using a Dell
> Quiet Key keyboard. I haven't done any special key bindings. However, my
> key mappings aren't what they are supposed to be! I type C-c, and emacs
> thinks I'm typing C-g. Can somebody please help? It won't even let me
> exit emacs using C-x C-c.
> Bartev Vartanian
 How does the keyboard works outside emacs?
 If c is printed as g, then it's keyboard problem.
 It it's ok then,
 Do C-h b to see the binding and check one for C-c
 Do M-x describe-binding-internal
 Check if C-c is mode-specific-command-prefix or not.

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