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imap groups showing up twice

From: Chris Lott
Subject: imap groups showing up twice
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 21:02:49 -0800
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For some reason, all of my imap groups (folders) are showing up twice
as: nnimap+chris:mail/INBOX  and nnimap+chris:~/mail/INBOX, etc,
though entering either of those goes to the same place!

Can I kill the second version of all of these in some way that they
don't show up whenever I browse the available groups, when I use "U"
to add a group, etc? I don't want to kill the folder on the server,
obviously, just the redundant listing!

Also, is there some way to rename the folders appearance in the gnus
group list without affecting the name of the folder, like an alias?

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