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multiplatforming .emacs, was: cygwin, emacs, mozilla

From: Thomas L Roche
Subject: multiplatforming .emacs, was: cygwin, emacs, mozilla
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 18:21:07 -0500

Chris Lott  <> 10/27/2002 12:50 AM
> I would like to keep both [Cygwinized and native] Emacs available
> for a while, but use the same home directory and such until I am
> comfortable. Do you have any tips on how to reliably delineate setup
> in my .emacs so that I can branch for blocks depending upon which
> emacs I am running?

Good question. This is a subset of the (tractable) general problem of
multiplatforming one's emacs configuration. I have dumped my own
little experience with this at

with examples that should prove useful for your specific case.

Note to gurus: I would very much appreciate folks expanding this part
of the wiki, since the general problem is one that folks tend to hafta
face eventually, but with many specific details. Also my elisp is not
the strongest :-( I note, the recent window-system thread on
help-gnu-emacs, about which I was unaware, so I suspect that there are
other areas in which my multi-platforming knowledge is deficient.

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