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Re: diary behaving strangely

From: Tiarnan
Subject: Re: diary behaving strangely
Date: 29 Oct 2002 16:37:22 +0000
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>>>>> "AS" == Alan Shutko <> writes:
    AS> Could you post a sample entry?  I don't have any Outlook
    AS> meeting notifications handy to test it on.  The appointment
    AS> list uses different parsing code than diary (on my list to fix
    AS> in my CFT) and is a bit pickier about format.

Here's a sample (between the ----s):
29 October 2002
        16:45 Updated: Company Meeting (Canteen)

and a sample entry that works:
Jun 13, 2002 
        16:30-17:00 Company meeting in Canteen.

I wonder if what I'm looking for is some kind of diary-refresh

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