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Is is a major or minor mode?

From: Galen Boyer
Subject: Is is a major or minor mode?
Date: 30 Oct 2002 20:19:12 -0600
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I have been working on a package I am calling ejsql.el (Emacs JDBC SQL).
The idea is to use the beanshell (the way that the JDEE is using it) to
act as a JVM and serve up metadata objects that have specific JDBC
connections.  I have a connection pooling mechanism working and a data
caching mechanism working and this is being "eval'd" into elisp
completing-reads.  So, now, from (hopefully) any sql buffer, I can start
to build a dynamic sql generator (among a host of other enhancements
providing me years worth of weekends spent with my favorite addiction
and keeping me from my previous golf addiction).  The data I'm currently
retrieving is a table listing and a table/column mapping.  I cache these
data structures using java objects hosted within the Emacs process (*bsh*)
so the user won't take a big time data retrieval hit while they are
coding their sql. I will provide the user the mechanism to have Emacs
retrieve these structures directly from the database as well, or in
other words, to refresh the cache.

Now, my question.

I want this to be available in both SQLi and sql-mode buffers and
piggyback on its comint integration.  I was planning to write a wrapper
around the login functionality of sql.el which would then define the
specific variables that the sql-mode and sqli buffers needed to know
about to get at the *bsh* variables.  I'm just not sure if this is the
right plan to proceed with.  Should I make my own major-mode and steal
liberally from sql.el?  

Galen deForest Boyer
Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.

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