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Re: (Slightly Off-Topic) Emacs-like Office App

From: bc
Subject: Re: (Slightly Off-Topic) Emacs-like Office App
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 15:09:59 -0500

Alex Schroeder wrote:
> I do not understand -- Emacs IS an Office App!  It has text
> processing, layouting using LaTeX, previewing, web browsing,
> newsreading, mail reading, diary, calendar, addresses, spam filtering,
> spreadsheets -- what exactly are you looking for?
> Alex

I should probably go research this offline, but tell me more
about that emacs spreadsheet.   I'm not a heavy duty Excel user,
but there are times when I'm working on something that needs some
number crunching, and I end up doing spreadsheets.  Thanks.

-- bc

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