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defcustom help requested

From: Peter S Galbraith
Subject: defcustom help requested
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 10:17:46 -0500

Hi all,

I'm tweaking a defcustom for MH-E and need a bit of help from someone
more knowledgeable than me.

The defcustom works well, producing a list structure the way I want it,
but I see the error message "invalid ((From ))" after clicking the first
two [INS] buttons:

PNG image

As soon as I click on the "Value Menu" and select something, the message
goes away and doesn't hamper customization.

Am I doing something wrong that leads to this message?

Here's the code:

(defcustom mh-identity-list nil
  "*List holding mh-e personalities.
Omit the colon and trailing space from the field names.
The keyword name \"none\" is reversed for internal use.
Use the keyname name \"signature\" to specify either a signature file or a
function to call to insert a signature at point.

Example entries using the customize interface:  
   Keyword name: work
            Value: John Doe <>
            Value: Acme Inc.
   Keyword name: home
            Value: John Doe <>

This would produce the equivalent of:
 (setq mh-identity-list
         ((\"From\" . \"John Doe <>\")
          (\"Organization\" . \"Acme Inc.\")))
         ((\"From\" . \"John Doe <>\")))))"
  :type '(repeat (list :tag ""
                       (string :tag "Keyword name")
                       (repeat :tag "At least one pair from below"
                               (choice (cons :tag "From field"
                                             (const "From")
                                             (string :tag "Value"))
                                       (cons :tag "Organization field"
                                             (const "Organization")
                                             (string :tag "Value"))
                                       (cons :tag "Signature"
                                             (const "signature")
                                             (choice (file) (function)))
                                       (cons :tag "Other field & value pair"
                                             (string :tag "Field")
                                             (string :tag "Value")))))))

Peter S. Galbraith, mh-e developer  <>
GPG key 1024/D2A913A1 - 97CE 866F F579 96EE  6E68 8170 35FF 799E
6623'rd GNU/Linux user at the Counter -

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