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codepage setup (I think)

From: Joshua Goldberg
Subject: codepage setup (I think)
Date: 01 Nov 2002 12:58:10 -0500


What can I do to properly view text that shows up with inappropriate
foreign characters, as well as characters like \200, \234, \235?  The
example I'm looking at right now is email from a Mac user.  I checked
out the documentation here and around it:

... but the only thing I could find to do (M-x set-codepage) didn't
help.  (Perhaps only because I didn't have a guess as to what codepage
to use.)


Here's a pasted bit that will, I suppose either look fine for you or
have a's with accents and numerically displayed characters:

  Elman “solved” this by “starting
  small” — that is, by incrementally increasing the
  processing capacity of the model, so that it picks up simple cases
  first, and then bootstraps to more complicated ones.

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