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Re: Different font for w3m-mode?

From: Felix E. Klee
Subject: Re: Different font for w3m-mode?
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 17:55:19 +0100
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Friedrich Dominicus wrote:
>> I want to use a smaller font than the default font for viewing web pages
>> in w3m-mode. Is this possible?
> Yes, check out the used faces e.g with
> M-x customize-face
> accept all and look for w3 in front of them

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be possible to customice the face used 
for normal text (ie. text not used for links, buttons, etc.) in w3m. Those 
are all the faces with w3m in front of them:

W3m Anchor Face, W3m Arrived Anchor Face, W3m Bold Face, W3m Current Anchor 
Face, W3m Form Button Face, W3m Form Button Mouse Face, W3m Form Button 
Pressed Face, W3m Form Face, W3m Header Line Location Content Face, W3m 
Header Line Location Title Face, W3m History Current Url Face, W3m Image 
Face, W3m Tab Background Face, W3m Tab Selected Face, W3m Tab Selected 
Retrieving Face, W3m Tab Unselected Face, W3m Tab Unselected Retrieving 
Face, W3m Underline Face

> To find the face at point try
> M-: (text-properties-at (point))

As expected, for normal w3m text this returns nil. For links, though, I get 
some information.

What else can I try?


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