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M-TAB completion on Win98 using left windows key

From: Thomas Gehrlein
Subject: M-TAB completion on Win98 using left windows key
Date: 03 Nov 2002 17:35:28 +0100
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Several modes use M-TAB for completion.  Under MS-Windows META is on the ALT
key and ALT-TAB switches to the task manager.

I use the task manager a lot and I don't want to change any of the MS-Windows
settings.  Instead I'd like to use the left windows key as an additional META
key and LWINDOW-TAB for completion.

This is what I've found so far:

(setq w32-pass-lwindow-to-system nil)
(setq w32-lwindow-modifier 'meta)

Now C-hc recognizes LWINDOW as META modifier.  But LWINDOW-TAB still switches
to the task bar.

IIUC, I need to w32-register-hot-key LWINDOW-TAB, but I have no idea what I
need to pass as argument to w32-register-hot-key.

I've searched the NT-Emacs FAQ and Emacs Wiki, but I coulnd't find an answer.

Can anybody help me?


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