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Re: Holy Wars redux: w3 vs. emacs-w3m

From: Adam P.
Subject: Re: Holy Wars redux: w3 vs. emacs-w3m
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 18:55:57 +0100
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"Michael J. Barillier" <> writes:

> I've been using w3 off-and-on in the past, but since I'm trying to go
> far more text-centric on my desktop[1] I'd like to do the little web
> browsing that I do from within Emacs.  I've downloaded w3 v4.0pre.47
> and have been getting that nasty ``wrong type argument: stringp, nil''
> error[2] that's been mentioned lately.  Anyone have an opinion[3] on
> W3 vs. emacs-w3m?

Never managed to get w3 to work properly (I tried v4.Opre.47 at one
point) while w3m works nicely.  I've seen lots of comments (on various
emacs lists / newsgroups) in favour of w3m and virtually no opposite

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