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Re: (Slightly Off-Topic) Emacs-like Office App

From: Chris L
Subject: Re: (Slightly Off-Topic) Emacs-like Office App
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 10:42:36 -0900
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Personally, I would just like a word processor that, when I am forced
to use such a thing in Windows (such as when working with co-workers
sharing a Word document who won't use plain text, emacs or Unix),
would still allow me to use basic emacs keybindings,
incremental-search, and other such features.

The most frustrating thing about Word is not the program, which I have
learned over the years to tolerate and to deal with and tamed, but the
amount of time it takes me to switch back to "word and windows" mode
using the keyboard... 

Word needs an emacs emulation mode :)

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