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Re: Is is a major or minor mode?

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: Is is a major or minor mode?
Date: 04 Nov 2002 10:36:21 +1100
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Galen Boyer <> writes:

> On 31 Oct 2002, wrote:
> >   Galen> I want this to be available in both SQLi and sql-mode buffers
> >   Galen> and piggyback on its comint integration.  I was planning to
> >   Galen> write a wrapper around the login functionality of sql.el
> >   Galen> which would then define the specific variables that the
> >   Galen> sql-mode and sqli buffers needed to know about to get at the
> >   Galen> *bsh* variables.  I'm just not sure if this is the right plan
> >   Galen> to proceed with.  Should I make my own major-mode and steal
> >   Galen> liberally from sql.el?
> > 
> > 
> > I think that the answer to this is partly sociological. Is sql.el very
> > large? 
> No.
> > Is it being actively developed? 
> I don't think so.  It is part of the base Emacs distribution.  Its
> actually quite simple/elegant in its design.  It gives one all the nice
> shell functionality for a sql command-line.  Being able to hop between

I think the mode you are proposing sounds very useful. I would
recommend contacting Alex Schroeder, the author of sql.el. He is
maintaining the code and does release occasional updates. 

Alex is very approachable and almost always willing to help if he can
and has some experience authoring emacs packages. I htink his e-mail
is in the sources for sql.el. It would probably be worth talking with
him just to get his opinion and verify what the immediate plans for
sql.el are (if any). I would not be surprised if he wasn't willing to
provide some guideance or advice on what he felt would be the best
direction to take with your mode and he would probably be interested
in having a look at early drafts and possibly making suggestions etc. 


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