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Re: Not used often

From: Artist
Subject: Re: Not used often
Date: 3 Nov 2002 17:33:01 -0800

Cor Gest <> wrote in message 
> (Artist) writes:
> > Hi Friedns,
> >   I like to know which are the commands that you know but don't use more 
> > often.
> > It will save us lots of time for me in learning process.
> That, dear Friend, depends entirely on what you plan _not_ to do with
> emacs.


What I meant by this, actually is which are the commands that once you
make the settings for it, then you don't modify it often. Example,
Some people like certain background colors or set printers and then
they don't bother about how they have done in emacs often. They just
keep using the same colors or same printer settings and not worry
about for the rest of the life. These commands or settings are really
very useful but goes untouched for long time. I am looking for such
commands or customization.

This is in the spirit of having knowledge of what works really well,
when we spend lot of  time in customization and change the settings


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