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Re: save-desktop

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: save-desktop
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 11:04:32 +0100

   I need in your help. I use emacs 21.1 on Linux. Tell me please how can I 
   store current emacs'es desktop (all opened buffers) for restoring it in 
   future? Thnx.

You cannot use Emacs 21.1 on Linux, you probobly mean GNU/Linux,
please see, and

>From (emacs)Saving Emacs Sessions:

   To use Desktop, you should use the Customization buffer (*note Easy
Customization::) to set `desktop-enable' to a non-`nil' value, or add
these lines at the end of your `.emacs' file:


The first time you save the state of the Emacs session, you must do it
manually, with the command `M-x desktop-save'.  Once you have done
that, exiting Emacs will save the state again--not only the present
Emacs session, but also subsequent sessions.  You can also save the
state at any time, without exiting Emacs, by typing `M-x desktop-save'

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