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Re: emacs within ansi-term ( is it possible ?)

From: Henrik Enberg
Subject: Re: emacs within ansi-term ( is it possible ?)
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 19:18:16 +0100
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Mahesh Padmanabhan <> writes:

> I am trying to use emacs exclusively for all shell related
> activities. For this, eshell works quite well. But, when I want to log
> in as root from eshell to modify something as root, eshell kind of
> washes its hands off. This is apparently a known problem and people
> suggested using the visual-command variable in eshell so that whenever
> I type in "su", it hands off control to ansi-term.
> That works fine except when I have to edit something as root. If I
> bring up emacs within ansi-term, all keystrokes (especially ^X ) seem
> to be grabbed by the "enclosing" emacs. Is it possible to run emacs
> within ansi-term which is within emacs or should I use jed or some
> other editor within ansi-term (I would prefer not to do that) ?

  The very best solution would be to get Kais tramp.el.  With tramp you
  can edit files in your normal Emacs via su or sudo (as well as remote
  files via ssh).


Booting... /vmemacs.el

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